Best Phone Cases for Summer

I have always been a fan of personalising my phone. Ever since my first phone, the classic Nokia 5110, I used to decorate it in stickers and paint the inter-changable snap on case with nail varnish. I’m pretty sure, I have probably personalised every phone I have ever owned. These days, there are SO many case options that there’s no need for the stickers any more, you just have the challenge of choosing the right case. Your phone case can say a lot about you! I recently bought this Shell Phone case which I totally love, it doesn’t just look good, it’s practical too – It bounces! When hunting for the best phone cases for summer, I found some amazing cases, and I literally want to own every single one – one for every day of the week month?



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    Sophie - July 10, 2015

    OMG that milk phone case! Holy shit I need this. I really do.

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