Autumn Allotments

We have an allotments just over the road from us, and whilst I don’t have an actual plot (because I wouldn’t have a clue what to do, or the time to learn) I do love to go over and walk Puggy, admiring the flowers, and the vegetables that people have spent time cultivating. It’s very peaceful over there, I can see the draw to having an allotment, although I think most people are retired and have plenty of time to nurture their plant kingdom.

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We may be experiencing an indian summer with temperatures still hitting low twenties, but it is only ninety seven days until Christmas (sorry, not sorry!) I am all prepared for the crisp mornings, getting my jumpers and boots on, I just wish the weather would catch up, it’s all very confusing! With little over a month until halloween there are pumpkin’s galore, the leaves are on the turn and it feels very seasonal throughout the allotment. I took my camera with me to take some photos of the array of wonderfully bright colours, rich reds, oriental oranges, yummy yellows and every shade in between.

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