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Friday was exciting! I spent the day with Megan and Lily at Bristol Fashion Week at the Mall Cribbs Causeway. We were on the Bloggers list for the live blogging event at 5pm but we decided to head over early to have a browse of the shops and grab some food. We picked up our blogger passes and a Starbucks and the received a call from Gina, the PR lady, who wanted to film us for the Mall TV which would follow up Bristol Fashion Week.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

We found a pretty spot to take some outfit photos, it’s great to be able to team up with Megan to take photos. It’s a darn sight easier than running back and fourth from a camera on a tripod! We frolicked around the fountains and sat in the deck chairs waiting for the pavillion to open for pre-show refreshments.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

Having never been a regular at any fashion shows, I didn’t really know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. The show was a piece of theatre, really lively and a mix of dancing and traditional catwalk struts up and down the runway. All the bloggers in attendance spent most of the time tweeting away, you can see the #hashtag here for all the insights. I saw most of it from the back of my camera, but I made a little video for you to see what we got up to if you missed it!

Since then, my entire weekend has mostly consisted of prepping for this week, my week of home decor, with a photo booth booking sandwiched in between. Brad went away to work in France last night (it’s alright for some) and took Logan with him, so Puggy and me have the week to ourself, and the humongous task of giving my living room a total over haul. Most people hire in help for this size of decorating task, I have just pulled in a few favours to help me move the heavy stuff and for a bit of painting.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Fashion Week AW14

It only occurred to me on Thursday, that not only have I taken on this huge task, but I also have the girls coming to stay on Friday for a blogger night of wine and food, so no pressure, I just need to get the whole house back in some kind of order before then, and hold down my job and blogging schedule. Nothing like a deadline to kick things in to gear! I am off to hire a floor sander!


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20 Facts About Me!

20 facts about me is trending on Instagram so instead of just posting a photo on IG I thought I would do a full video for you to watch. These are 20 completely random facts about me some of which may take you by surprise (on so many levels!). I talk about, uni, business, talking about poo, picking my nose and all kinds of other randomness!

One of my first you tube videos I made when I first started my youtube channel, properly, was the 50 things about me, you can tell how much I have grown since January, you can watch that here.

Take a look!


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Things I Love Thursday // Best Bristol Bloggers and Blog Club

This week has been such a great inspiring and productive week. I have met the best Bristol bloggers at blog club and I have exciting news regarding the Weird and Wonderful Wedding World.

Bristol Blog Club is a place for local bloggers to go and meet like minded people, eat cake and pizza (in no particular order!) and get tips and advice on all things blog related. This month it was held at Trunki HQ which is hands down the most colourful and fun office I have ever been to! Er, they even have a SLIDE from the top, down to the first floor – EPIC!

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Bloggers Blog Club

Things I Love Thursday

Attending #blogclub and meeting some fellow Bristol bloggers, a few I have met before, some who I have connected with on Twitter previously and some new faces who I am excited to build Bristol blogging networks and a community with in the future. She and Hem, Lily Doughball, Briar Rose Blog, Ship Shape Bristol Fashion, Being Little, Bounjour Blogger, Tigerlillyquinn, Black Heart Creatives and Saints on a Plane to name but a few.

Testing out the huge yellow slide at Trunki HQ, I wish I had a slide from my bed to my shed! Huge thanks to Trunki for letting us all have a play!

Selling my first business!!! At the age of 27 I have sold my first business. The Weird and Wonderful Wedding World was a venture that I started with Ali of Bristol Vintage when I first moved to Bristol, which I took through in to its second year on my own. The alternative wedding fair was a concept new to Bristol and one which I was extremely passionate about. But since the launch of Mermaid Gossip, and the growth of Fishee Designs Photo Booth, I just don’t feel like I am able to give it the time and dedication it needs for a third year. I also didn’t want it to cease to exist at all, after building a popular and successful concept. I am so pleased and proud to announce that good friend and fellow wedding industry entrepreneur, Grace Kingsley has taken the reigns for 2015. I know I have passed it on to someone with the brains and balls to achieve the best for the fair and I wish her all the luck, I am sure I will still be involved in some way, hopefully as a dedicated exhibitor!

Having my nails done at Kaycie’s and getting my glitter back on!

Having a huge sort out of the house due to getting a lodger in a few weeks. My entire inside office has moved to the back bedroom, so I had a sort out of all the things I have been hoarding for two years and I can’t believe how much useless stuff I have kept!

Getting a place at Bristol Fashion Week AW14 at Cribbs Mall live blogging event on Friday night. So much Bristol blog stuff this week, I have such good vibes for the future of my blog, it’s exciting times!

Signing up to The Glitteratti by Crown & Glory (finally – it’s been on my to do list since it launched!) Errr, hello I boxing videos every month!!

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Bristol Bloggers Blog Club

Business & Blog Stuff

Are you looking for ways to insert your personality in to your blog?

I love the new twitter layout for iPhone but if, like me, you have lost your drafts, no fear they haven’t disappeared, they’re here.

Fun Stuff

 45 Things that will annoy you more than they should

10 weird Beauty Tips that really work

Beauty, Style & Design

 Blogger babe sara from Darling Lovely Life is totally rocking this dartmoor editorial style photo shoot.. What total babes!

I love this “empties” post, I love the concept and I’m never one to finish products before moving on but when I do it normally means I have truely loved said product, what do you think, would you like to see and empties post from me!?

Megan and Grant are the cutest couple I know and their one year anniversary shoot is totally dreamy, I am in love with the sparkles, the gold, the lights, THAT dressing table, the all around beauty, and mostly how it totally sums them up so well! Too cute for words!!

Some things Tigerlillyquinn is loving? I’ll second every one.. Especially that ochre knitted cushion! I went in to Asda Living yesterday but must have missed so I’ll be ordering that online for sure!!

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DIY Tutorial // Glitter Ombré Nail Art

This week I am getting my glitter back on and it is time for a glitter ombré nail tutorial and video. As autumn rolls in, I am putting the pastels behind me and going for something a lot darker and more seasonal. Whilst, I am not one for reds and oranges, I do love a good dark pink and throw a bit of glitter in and that is my autumn all over.

I very rarely have the same design on every finger nail so today we have gone for a different design on each finger, but if you want to keep things simple, I wanted to show you very simply, how you can create a glitter ombre nail art. It is so easy to do but is so effective, anyone can do it and make it look like you have been to the salon.

Bristol Blog Mermaid Gossip Diy tutorial Glitter Ombre Nails

What you will need

Any base colour you like, we used one like this and this.

Less dense glitter – We used Barry M Cosmetics Glitter Nail Paint Rose Quartz 

More dense glitter – We used Models Own Pink Fizz Glitter Nail Polish


How to create your glitter ombré nail art

It is best to start with a dark base if you want to go for a gold or silver glitter, but as long as the colours are contrasting you should get a great result.

Start by giving each nail two coats of your base colour.

Apply each layer as thin as possible.

Be sure to let them dry thoroughly before applying the glitter.

Take the fine glitter to the longest part of your faded affect about half way up the nail.

Build the more dense glitter up over the top, applying the most coverage at the base.

Again, be sure to let them dry properly. If you will be doing regular nail art with several coats, it may be wise to invest in a Nail Dryer.

Apply your top coat.


Check out the video to see how it was done.

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