Aperol Spritz Social #ItStartsNow

I think, by now, y’all know that I love the summer. It’s my happy place, I love the lifestyle, the socialising, the late evenings, the luxury of summer (maybe just not the bugs) and what better way to spend an evening in the summer than down by the river drinking a cocktail. I have teamed up with the vibrant and colourful brand that is Aperol Spritz, to be guest DJ (I just get to chose the playlist, with some help from you, but DJ sounds so much more glam!) at the summer social event this Friday.

Aperol Spritz Social

The Aperol Spritz Socials will appear for a limited time across some of the UK’s most cosmopolitan areas, providing city dwellers with an ideal after-work meeting place to catch up with friends and enjoy a glass of Aperol’s sparkling 3-2-1 Spritz serve. The pop-up bars will include an Instaprint booth and screen where guests can instantly print their #ItStartsNow pictures, as well as a socially powered playlist, a treasure hunt, and ping-pong and foosball tables. Apparel Spritz will be set up in Anchor Square from Thursday 25th June to Saturday 27th so you can make the most of it all weekend.

Aperol Spritz Social

I will be down there from 6pm on Friday 26th so if you’re around after work or are looking to make the most of the summer evening, then come on down and say hi, to join us for some summer tunes (which you can also tweet me to request your summer tune to be added to the playlist) and some sparkling Aperol and Prosecco cocktails. Ive been practising making the cocktails and put this quick little video together for you, mine is below but the Aperol Spritz vid is much better you should just watch that! Look forward to seeing you down there!




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