Welcome back lovelies!! Happy 2016 to you all, I hope you had a good Christmas and new year!?

I wish I could sit here and tell you all the wonderful things you can expect from me in the coming year, but honestly I’m not 100% sure myself because I have so many ideas. It can get a little confusing working alone from home with no one to bounce ideas off. I’ve stuck to the same consistent blog schedule for over a year now and feel like things need shaking up a bit! 

This year I have been “lucky” on YouTube and my channel is growing rapidly thanks to one particular video which has had over 2m views now, which is totally insane! I’ve found my priorities have shifted a little and my focus has been on creating lots of video content, which is great but I don’t want to forget about my blog as I’m so passionate about creating a space which continues to inspires you.

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I love writing ‘how to’ content on a more techy level. I’ve taught myself so many things over the last few years with WordPress set up, design and exploring new social media tips and shortcuts that I want to share these with you.

My passion is design, designing and creating content and products for you to download and order. I’ve always wanted to have a successful shop on this website, filled with all kinds of fun, stylish and colourful products. 

I love having fun with my personal style and fashion, although I’m not hugely fussed with keeping up with key trends, I do love to shop and share my fav finds with you. I also really enjoy beauty and nail stuff and I’ve learned so much and it’s super fun to try out new techniques.

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I guess, since I’m passionate about all these things, the blog will always be a mixture of them all which I’m happy with, I’d just love to know from you, what you enjoy seeing / reading over here? What would you like my main focus to be in 2016? Do you enjoy the free downloads? What would you like to see more of?

I’ve created a short questionnaire which should help me get a general feel for what kind of things you’d like to see more of. After all, I’m here for you and I want to make sure I’m creating content that you love!

Thank you for taking the time to complete it!

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4 thoughts on “2016, HAVE YOUR SAY!

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    Charlotte - January 5, 2016

    My favourite blogs are always a mix of everything from beauty to advice but I love personal posts the best I think, probably just a bit nosy! That’s amazing about your Youtube channel, what a massive achievement, you never know which videos are going to become really popular! I am thinking about starting my Youtube Channel this year but I’m feeling so daunted by it at the moment!


    1. Reply
      Emily Mermaid - January 5, 2016

      Thanks for your comment charlotte, it’s good to know! Would you mind also completing the form for me so I can keep all the responses in one place?! Thankyou for your continued support! X

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    amie - January 9, 2016

    I’ve completed the questionnaire for you! I love your youtube channel, it’s always so much fun to see the different videos you come up with. The hauls are my favourite!

    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

    1. Reply
      Emily Mermaid - January 9, 2016

      Thanks lovely!! Your link is working too! X

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