2015 Resolutions

I have seen lots of posts over the last week about making 2015 resolutions and how to keep them. I am a bit late in the game to be sharing mine with you, but it has taken me this long to figure out what mine are, and if I am really making any at all. I have never really been one for making keeping strong specific resolutions. I do always jump on the band wagon, but deep down I already know, come easter they will be a distant memory. I am certainly no expert, but this year something does feel different. I know we all say it (probably every year) but I genuinely feel I have already made some progress in taking steps to achieve my goals. Goals that I am not just setting myself for 2015, but ones I have been working on for a while and just need that extra push from the spirit of a new year.

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So what are my goals? Same as they are every year.

Lose weight.  Get back down to the weight I was comfortable at.  Make exercise a habit.  Make choices to be healthier every day.  Be more organised.  Be better with money.  Earn more money.  Spend less money.  Work harder.  Work smarter.   Be happier.

This year, I want to make these goals a part of every day life, not just a 2015 resolution that I go all guns blazing with and get bored of in a few weeks. I know that by setting bitesized goals for myself, it makes it easier to get used to doing something new and getting used to a change in habits. Change just a few things, get used to doing them and then change more things. Make it a year long plan, you don’t have to try and do everything all at once.

I have already implement the skin care routine that I set myself the challenge of last year and I have made that a part of everyday life now. It is simple and basic and easy to do (I made a video so you can see!) which means it’s easy to start with and I can build on it. That is now a habit I have set, so I can now continue to slowly change other routines in order to change more habits. I have been working on changing my eating choices and doing smaller bits of exercise for a while now. I haven’t been putting too much pressure on myself before christmas to actually lose weight, but the better decisions I have been making meant that I haven’t put any on. Which is a good start, and now I can start pushing my new healthier choices and more pro active mindset to new boundaries and hopefully start in my goal to lose weight.

I am clearly a girl of habits and I just need to set myself the right habits to be in. For me that’s the only way I will ever keep any resolution I make myself. It’s about knowing what your capable of and setting yourself achievable goals, in achievable timescales.

*totters off to make fruit smoothies and vegetable soups*

*hides the chocolate wrappers from Sunday night binge!*




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    Bethan - January 12, 2015

    I also pretty much share most of your resolutions, especially when it comes to work and being organised.

    Good luck and keep on at it!

    Bethan, Audacity of Food

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