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It’s been a while since I did a specific business style post. This will be the first over here at Mermaid Gossip, but if you want more, there’s loads more here! I love blogging so much and it takes up a huge part of my working week, and there are some tools that I use that make blogging and youtubing a dream and could save you hours. I have put together a short five part series with a few tips of the blogging trade that can help you become your own #BLOGBOSS.


1. Apple iPad Mini

I had the bigger older iPad and I never used it because it was too big and bulky to carry around and therefor it was never charged because I never used it. Since I got my iPad mini it barely leaves my side, it’s always in my handbag and it is such a good aid for blogging and youtube.


2. Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader

I love this little guy! This makes my life sooo much easier. I take photos and record videos on my camera and then I stick them in the card reader and import them on to my iPad.


3. iPhone 6

What can I say, (sad or not) the iPhone has changed my life! I can hands down say I wouldn’t have my business if it wasn’t for my iPhone. It makes working on the go the easiest thing in the world.


4. Afterlight

I can safely say I use this to edit 99% of my photos on my blog, I import any taken on my camera using my SD card reader and then edit them.


5. Nikon D3100 (and a 50mm f1.8 lens)

It’s so important to take great photos for your blog. For me, photography is such an important thing in life, I love taking photos and I love looking at good photos. I’m sure I am not alone. Be your own photography critic.


6. WordPress App

I compose my best blogs when I’m just sat chilling out on my iPhone 6 and not thinking about working. When it feels more like a hobby and like I am just writing to a friend.


7. Photosync

After all the editing of photos on the iPad, I always have to send them back to the MacBook to be size adjusted properly on photoshop and renamed before they’re uploaded. This app allows you to share any image on any device with any other device on the same wifi connection. I’m always sending images and videos back and fourth using this app.


8. Buffer

Makes scheduling tweets, facebook statuses, Google + a dream, in conjunction with Bulk Buffer you can schedule to your hearts content!



Use IFTTT to link over 50 different platforms, create recipes to make the Internet work for you. Here’s an example of how you can use IFTTT to create a spreadsheet of links of every post you make.


10. MacBook Pro

Everything has to be finished off on the laptop. I rename all my images and resize them using photoshop and upload them to wordpress. That allows me to set the file names with the meta data I want to set for that particular set of images. For example I might call an image “Bristol Fashion Blog Mermaid Gossip Things I Love Thursday”


Bristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid GossipBristol Blog Lifestyle and Fashion Mermaid Gossip

2 thoughts on “10 Tools a Blogger Can’t Live Without // Blogboss

  1. Reply
    Tara - November 8, 2014

    A lot of these don’t apply to be because I don’t use apple products or WordPress haha! I’d be lost without my 50mm lens! Definitely going to look into Buffer.

    1. Reply
      admin - November 14, 2014

      I am an Apple obsessive! And I don’t know how any blogger functions without wordpress but plenty make it work so it can’t be bad! 50mm lens all the way!

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